# Embed the file robertkrimen/gist-it-example/example.js
<script src=""></script>

# Embed without a footer
<script src=""></script>

# Show only the first and second line
<script src=""></script>
function Xyzzy() {
    return "Nothing happens";
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gist-it lets you take a file from your GitHub repository and embed it into any webpage, just like a gist

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Specify the slice parameter to show only a particular portion of the file:

slice=1: Show from the second line on (skip the first line)
slice=0:-1 Show the first line up to and including the second-to-last line
slice=24:101 Show lines 24 through 101
slice=0 Show only the first line of the file

Use the footer parameter to control the appearance of the footer:

Hide the footer
footer=minimal Show the footer without this leading part: This Gist brought to you by gist-it.



Robert Krimen <robertkrimen@gmail>