–  Embed files from a github repository like a gist

Description lets you take a file from your GitHub repository and embed it into any webpage, just like a gist

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Take a github file url and prefix it with and embed the result within a <script> tag:

<script src="$file"></script>
  1. $file should follow the github repository pattern of $user/$repository/raw/master/$path
  2. github/$file is a shorthand for$file and works in the same way

Additional customization is possible by including one or more of the following in the query string:

slice (optional)

Supply a slice parameter to show only a particular portion of the file:

slice=0:-2 Show the first line up to and including the second to last line
slice=24:100 Show lines 24 through 100
slice=0 Show only the first line of the file
footer (optional)

Use the footer parameter to control the appearance of the footer:

Hide the footer
footer=minimal Show the footer without "This Gist brought to you by gist-it."


function Xyzzy() {
    return "Nothing happens";

Example Source

<script src=""></script>



Robert Krimen <robertkrimen@gmail>